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The Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Film & Television costume design

Examining the process of costume design from early cinema to the present day, from script to screen, by genre, by region, and by designer, this global authoritative reference work, the first in the field, includes articles from a wide range of practitioners and scholars across the world.

Editor, Author

Bloomsbury; 2024, 2025

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Hollywood Costume

Editor, Author

V&A Publishing: London; 2012

Featuring the most beloved costume designs from the past 100 years of Hollywood films, Hollywood Costume celebrates, for the very first time, the costume designer’s contribution to the telling of the cinematic story. Published in conjunction with an exhibition launched at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the book showcases the talents of renowned designers such as Adrian, Edith Head, and Sandy Powell, among many others, whose work spans the silent era to the Golden Age of Hollywood to the present day.

Hollywood Costume Cover.jpg

“More than a book, it’s a display and worthy of every coffee table.” — DailyCandy

**Winner of the 2013 Kraszna-Krausz Moving Image Book Award

Hollywood Sketchbook


Harper Collins: New York, 2012

The very first book on the subject of costume illustration for the movies, Hollywood Sketchbook, contains over 500 previously unpublished drawings. More than just pretty pictures, each drawing provides a blueprint for the creation of a costume and a character. This gorgeous volume affords the viewer a rare peek inside the portfolios of a century of costume designers and illustrators including Theadora Van Runkle (Bonnie and Clyde, The Godfather: Part II), Piero Tosi (The Leopard, Death in Venice), and Travis Banton (Scarlet Empress, Blonde Venus). 

Hollywood Sketchbook Cover.jpg

Gorgeous, full-color illustrations of costumes . . . are just a few of the goodies in Deborah Nadoolman Landis' new book, "Hollywood Sketchbook: A Century of Costume Illustration" which shines a light on the under-appreciated field of costume illustration.
—Booth Moore, Los Angeles Times

FilmCraft: Costume Design

Editor, Author

Focal Press: London, 2012

In this volume of the FilmCraft series of books, sixteen of the world's leading costume designers come together to share their inspiration and knowledge with the reader. They provide insights into the challenges of envisioning a character, working with budgets, and collaborating with production designers, actors and directors. Designers featured include Academy Award winners Mark Bridges, Janty Yates, and Lindy Hemming.

FilmCraft Cover.jpg

Dressed: A Century of Hollywood Costume


Harper Collins: New York, 2007

Dressed: A Century of Hollywood Costume Design showcases one hundred years of Hollywood's most tantalizing costumes and the characters they helped bring to life. Drawing on years of extraordinary research, the book showcases both a treasure trove of costume sketches and photographs—many of them previously unpublished—and a dazzling array of first-person anecdotes that inform and enhance the images. Along the way, Dressed also provides an eye-opening, behind-the-scenes look at the evolution of the costume designer's art, from its emergence as a key element of cinematic collaboration to its limitless future in the era of CGI.

Dressed Book Cover.jpg

**Winner of the 2009 Outstanding Books for the College Bound and Lifelong Learners from the Young Adult Library Services Association and the Association of College and Research Libraries

**Winner of the 2009 Golden Pen Award from the United States Institute for Theatre Technology (USITT)

50 Costumes / 50 Designers: Concept to Character

Editor, Author

University of California Press: Berkeley, 2004

The field of costume design comes to life in this beautiful soft-cover catalogue representing the work of fifty of the top costume designers working today. Each designer is represented by a full-color two-page spread featuring an insightful first-person commentary that explores the challenges that he or she faced on one recent film project, and how a particular costume resulted from this intensive design process. Each layout also contains the original sketch for that costume and a film still of the costume as it was ultimately worn by the actor on film. Designer portraits and filmographies complete this in-depth look into the craft.

50 designers cover.JPG

Screencraft: Costume Design

Editor, Author

Focal Press: London, 2003

Dressing actors to suit character, place and period is more crucial to the filmmaking process than many realize. Costume Design provides compelling insight into this fascinating craft, featuring interviews with 14 world-class international costume designers, including the designers of Raiders of the Lost Ark, Batman, Shakespeare in Love, and many more.

Screencraft cover002.jpg

Selected Chapters

  • “Designing Hollywood: Women Costume and Production Designers.”  Women Designers in the USA 1900 – 2000. (2000). 

  • “Performance Costume” Swarovski: Celebrating a History of Collaborations in Fashion, Jewelry, Performance, and Design. (2015). 

  • “Hollywood Begins 1908-1929: Clothes, Costume & Couture.” Italy in Hollywood. (2018).

  • “Panavision Pink: Deceptively Demure,” Pink! A History of Pink in Fashion, Art and Culture. (2018). 

  •  “Rene Hubert: Dressing Hollywood.” Rene Hubert – The Man Who Dressed Film Stars and Airplanes. (2023). 
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